Margaret '24

Margaret '24 photo

School of Education

Major: Selected Studies Within Education

Describe your Syracuse experience in a couple of sentences.
Syracuse has allowed me to grow, unlike any other experience I have had in my life. Not only have I met some of the greatest individuals I am proud to call my friends, but I have been challenged by educators who have taught me lessons that reach beyond just academics.

How is the School of Education preparing you for your future career?
I have learned how to work with kids and prepare them for their futures, along with how to build connections and networks.

What are your plans after graduation?
I plan to become a middle school teacher!

How has your involvement with any organizations/extracurriculars impacted you?
Being involved on campus is how I give back to my community, along with how I have branched out and met so many people from all different ends of campus.

Have you performed any internships and how has that impacted you?
I worked as a communications and alumni relations intern at the School of Education and it has led me to build strong and lasting connections with the staff.

What has been your favorite Syracuse experience so far?
Teaching at a middle school in the downtown area has changed my life and led me to want to pursue education even more.

Why do you think giving is important?
Giving is important because it is how we show our love and care for the things most important to us in life.

What does it mean to you to be Orange?
To be kind, genuine and motivated.

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