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Libraries Student Employee

Major/Minor: Masters of Library and Information Science (LIS) - anticipated graduation May 2024. Graduated from Le Moyne College with a BA in History with minors in Spanish, Creative Writing, and Gender and Women’s Studies in May 2022.


Describe your Syracuse experience in a couple of sentences.
Syracuse University, to me, is much more than my academic experience. I grew up here; my grandfather attended school here. From visiting campus with my mother to watching lacrosse games with my father to rooting for SU every March, Syracuse University has always been my home. Now, I get to see what Syracuse University offers its students. I love being part of the community and am beyond happy to call myself truly Orange.

How is your school/college preparing you for your future career?
The LIS program teaches us all the basics that every librarian should know. Beyond that, there are many opportunities for specialization through electives and hands-on experiences. I have been able to take courses touching on vastly different aspects of librarianship and I've worked in various roles at SU Libraries, which has allowed me to explore what I love most and identify what roles may be the best fit for me.

What are your plans after graduation?
I plan to stay local and work as a public librarian in the Onondaga County Public Library System. I’d love to work in outreach, run programs, and teach research skills and digital literacy.

Tell me about your involvement with the Libraries.
I currently work in two departments at Bird Library. In Learning and Academic Engagement, I work the information desk, technology desk, and our 24-hour chat service. This is where I get hands-on experience interacting with patrons and providing reference support. I also work as an Information Literacy Scholar, where I have learned how to plan and present library instruction for undergraduate students. This has given me opportunities to work with various librarians in the building and on various projects, such as instructional videos and research guides.

How has your involvement with any organizations/extracurriculars impacted you?
Most of my extracurricular activities revolve around working in the library. This has taught me more about the behind-the-scenes work and collaboration that goes into keeping a library like ours running smoothly. It has also allowed me to reflect on my chosen career path and apply the knowledge gained from my program in a real-world setting.

Are you the recipient of any scholarships?
Yes, the Information Literacy Scholars Program is a scholarship program. I am incredibly grateful to be a part of such a great program.

Have you performed any internships and how has that impacted you?
I will be starting my first internship this fall! I will be working with the Outreach Department at Liverpool Public Library to develop new programming. I anticipate it will be another avenue for me to explore what type of librarian I’d like to be. I’m very excited to get started!

What has been your favorite Syracuse experience so far?
I have made some amazing friends who I know will stay in my life long after graduation. It really is the people I’ve met here that have made my time so special. I have also attended three library conferences and have plans to attend more in the future. This has given me a glimpse into my field and a head start building connections.

Why do you think giving is important?
Giving is important, especially for me as a Library Science student, because equity and accessibility are paramount. With more resources, the library can reach more people. It’s our responsibility as an institution of learning, collaboration, and growth to do everything we can to support and uplift our community. Those who can afford to do so have the opportunity to make a tremendous impact on our libraries, making them a space where all are both welcome AND represented.

What does it mean to you to be Orange?
Being Orange is being a part of something larger than yourself; it’s about community solidarity and love. Each of our experiences on this campus is shaped by those we interact with. We are all connected. Being Orange is not only accepting this reality but celebrating it.

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