Elly Crawford Hopkins ’69 and John Hopkins ’66

Elly Crawford Hopkins '69 and John Hopkins '66

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Elly Crawford Hopkins ’69
& John Hopkins ’66

What was your focus at Syracuse University and what are you doing now?

John: I was an LAS Latin major with a Teacher’s Certificate from Education. Now I’m a retired college administrator which includes six years in the SU Admission Office.

Elly: After deciding I was never going to make it as a famous actress, I majored in speech education. Since college I have had a variety of jobs: English teacher, medical clinic administrator, and alumni development work at private schools. Now I’m happily retired.


What is your favorite SU memory?

John: I imagine like many satisfied graduates, I have many great memories about faculty instruction, academic advising, and out-of-class activities with friends.

Elly: John was a senior when I was in my first year. As large as the campus is, we managed to run into each other quite frequently, and my heart would go “pitter pat” each time.


Why is it important to give back to Syracuse University?

John: SU continues to emerge not only as a solid educational institution but also as a nationally recognized research university. Thus, we give annually both because of past positive experiences as well as to assure a bright future for Alma Mater.

Elly: I came from a Syracuse University family. Both of my parents and my brother graduated from there. It is important to continue supporting OUR University.


What does being a member of The Hill Society (leadership giving) mean to you?

John: It is important for graduates to give as they are able to the annual fund. Participation is important and a prime indicator of confidence in our university. We started giving back when a $100 contribution was a stretch for us. Our education has given us the means to be successful which now allows us to increase our gift to SU each year.

Elly: As a former development director I cannot stress enough the importance of participation in the annual giving program. While attending my 50th reunion last year I was proud to be a member of The Hill Society as well as the 1870 Society.


The 1870 Society is another of our special recognition societies which includes visionary individuals who have included the University in their long-term financial and estate plans. 

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