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Olga Perera

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Data Integration at NASA JSC
Aerospace Corporation

What was your focus at Syracuse University and what are you doing now?

I graduated from the Syracuse University School of Information Studies in 2019 with a Master of Applied Data Science. I always had a passion for software development working with large datasets, which eventually led me to continue my education at Syracuse University. My primary goal was to learn how to understand organizational data, build better business strategies based on available data and extract values hidden in data. While in the program, I learned how to extract value from the vast amount of structured and unstructured data and incorporate it into organizational strategy and planning.

While still in school, my dream job became a reality and I was hired by Aerospace Corporation, a non-profit government trusted agent. I currently work at NASA Johnson’s Space Center on a data integration project utilizing AWS (Amazon Web Services). I work with the latest cloud technologies, implementing data-driven solutions for the NASA EVA Office (Extravehicular Activity – the process when astronauts suit up and go outside into the vacuum of space).


What is your favorite SU memory?

All of my favorite SU memories involve community and people, including advisors, staff, professors and other students. I could not see myself succeeding without the help and support of the SU community. Small things such as continuing daily support can make a huge difference.


Why is it important to you to give back to Syracuse University?

It was not an easy decision to go back to school to advance my career. Syracuse University staff made my transition easy and stress-free. On admittance, I was offered an iSchool scholarship that made it possible to cover tuition and other expenses while in school.

I believe that education is a lifelong investment that provides countless benefits to each individual student and the community as a whole. The satisfaction and enjoyment comes in many ways, providing financial stability as well as benefiting society. It is a win that comes with hard work, sleepless nights, and total dedication. All of that would be hardly possible without the University's support and generosity of former students.


What does being a member of The Hill Society (leadership giving) mean to you?

I am honored to become a part of The Hill Society and be able to help other students. Syracuse University has tremendously helped me to succeed with my degree, which opened many doors to new career opportunities and led to my work at NASA. SU has shaped my future and I am forever thankful for that.

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