Mowers Endow Newhouse Professorship of Persuasive Communications

Date Published: 04-26-2023

Eric Mower '66, G'68 can still name individual professors he had more than 60 years ago as a student at Syracuse University. "I have indelible memories of professors who thrilled me," says Mower. Interestingly, the most memorable ones for him taught subject areas across disciplines-religion in literature, American political theory in constitutional law, philosophy through European history. "It's not necessarily just what they taught, but also how they taught. I even remember the questions they posed!" Fellow graduate and wife Judith C. "Judy" Mower '66, G'73, G'80, G'84 shares his conviction that a great professor can make a profound difference in a student's approach to learning. That belief drives their latest gift to the University.In support of nurturing and growing faculty excellence, the Mowers have made a gift to establish the Mower Endowed Professorship of Persuasive Communications in the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications. Their $1.3 million gift to create the professorship is enhanced by a $666,000 commitment by the University through the Forever Orange Faculty Excellence Program.

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Eric and Judy Mower