Why Give?

As an alumni or parent, the value of a Syracuse degree is linked to Syracuse’s reputation and helps alumni and friends stand out in their professions and communities. Syracuse's overall excellence and many accomplishments, in no small measure, are tied to alumni support. And alumni support will also determine its future level of excellence.

Syracuse students, alumni, and faculty have a long tradition of finding innovative solutions to today's complex challenges. From the research developed in labs to the ideas generated in our classrooms, Syracuse University is changing the world for the better. The impact your contributions and those of your fellow alumni have extends far beyond the walls of the University we all care so much about.

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Yes! Last year, Syracuse received 43,326 gifts of $500 or less and these contributions added up to $4.7 million. For example, an annual gift of $500 is more valuable for current use than a $10,000 endowment.

Again, an emphatic yes! The percentage of undergraduate alumni who make gifts every year to the University is the only measure included in the U.S. News & World Report rankings of colleges and universities representing the confidence alumni have in their alma mater.

All gifts - regardless of size – are a statement of support for Syracuse University’s mission. Every corner of the campus is touched by support to The Fund for Syracuse. A strong annual giving program also attracts other sources of support as corporations and foundations often consider the participation of a university's alumni as donors in making their own decisions to give.

The Hill Society is an elite network of leadership annual donors who share a common goal of supporting Syracuse University’s highest priorities. As a member, you will receive updates on how your contributions directly impact students and faculty, along with the latest news about the areas of the University you love most. Exclusive regional and on-campus events allow members to engage with each other and University leadership, creating connections and opportunities to work together to advance Syracuse University’s mission and shape its future.

Membership starts with an annual gift of $2,500 to the Syracuse University Annual Fund, General Supported Scholarship Fund, any dean’s discretionary fund, or a qualifying campus-wide program fund.

When planning to make a large gift to Syracuse University, please contact The Fund for Syracuse Office by calling 315.443.1848 or emailing giving@syr.edu. We are happy to discuss a gift of any size and answer any questions you may have.  

When planning to make a gift of securities to Syracuse University, please notify Advancement Services by calling 315.443.1718 or emailing sudonors@syr.edu.

While rankings are not everything, they are a valuable benchmark for parents and prospective students. Strong rankings also bolster the value of a Syracuse University degree.

At Syracuse, our undergraduate alumni giving participation is approximately 11%. However, if we look at the percentage of our undergraduate alumni who have given at least once in the last five years, that giving percentage would grow to 32%, and if we expand that out to alumni who have given during their lifetime, the number jumps to 53%. Our hope is that our alumni will all give, every year.

Syracuse University's endowment is $1.2 billion as of 2017. The following is also true:

  • 48% of that endowment is restricted to specific programs. Additional current-use funds are needed to give the University flexibility in allocating funds to our most immediate needs.
  • Syracuse's annual budget is approximately $1.2 billion, equaling the value of our entire endowment. Providing the highest quality education, innovative teaching, and pioneering research is costly, and we rely of supporters like you who value the importance of a Syracuse education.
  • There are approximately 22,000 students enrolled at Syracuse and the actual cost of educating these individuals far exceeds tuition and fees. In fact, tuition and fees cover only about 77% of these costs.
  • Gifts made to The Fund for Syracuse are the most flexible dollars the University receives, which allows leadership to allocate the funds to the areas of highest need. This includes offering the best and brightest students a comprehensive financial aid package, thus reducing their debt following graduation.
  • A preeminent organization like Syracuse that has existed for 150 years and plans to positively affect millions of people around the world for the next 500+ years needs an endowment far beyond its operating budget to plan effectively.

The University needs annual giving in order to continue to provide students with the best possible experience. Further, the leadership of the University feels so strongly about it, that alumni participation percentage will be one of three main goals of the next comprehensive campaign at Syracuse University. Additionally, individuals making more sizable major and planned gifts will also be asked to continue their giving to The Fund for Syracuse. Annual gifts are vital to the future of Syracuse University.