Class Act


Class of 2020 Giving
What's made a difference in your life?

Is it a cutting-edge academic program? An awesome professor? A much-needed scholarship? A fabulous semester abroad?

You can help other SU students have that same great experience. Just support whatever part of SU means the most to you with a gift to the Class of 2020 Giving campaign.

How much should you give? We suggest $20.20, but give whatever you feel comfortable with. Does your gift matter? Absolutely! Tuition covers only about 80% of the true cost of an SU education. Your gift helps close that gap. In fact, in 2015-16, gifts of $144 or less totaled more than $1.1 million!

Give now!

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Yes, Your Gift Really Matters

Giving to the Class of 2020 Giving campaign can make a difference right now to you and every other SU student on campus.

Here are just a few things it can do:

  • Support the more than $260 million in student scholarships SU provides.
  • Bring renowned speakers and visiting artists to campus.
  • Support the operating budgets of student organizations.
  • Fund student awards that pay for travel and conference opportunities.
  • Support our Syracuse University Abroad centers all over the world.
  • Pay entry fees for student competitions.
  • Provide new technology in classrooms, laboratories, and libraries.
  • Pay for subscriptions to scholarly journals.
  • Provide funds for deans to use where support is needed most.

As you can see, giving has a major impact. Give to the Class of 2019 Giving campaign today!

What is Class Act?

  • Class Act is the Class of 2020 Giving campaign, and is led by student ambassadors who encourage their peers to make a gift in honor of their graduation.
  • As a thank you and as recognition of their generosity, donors are given special Orange, white, and silver Class Act cords to wear at Commencement.

What are the goals of Class Act?

  • Encourage students to make a gift of $20.20 in honor of their class year to an area on campus that is meaningful to them.
  • Educate students about the importance and value of giving back to Syracuse University.

Why encourage student giving?

  • To ensure that future students have the same great experiences as you’ve had.
  • Without donor support, SU wouldn’t be able to provide cutting-edge programs, modern facilities, scholarships, or a number of other things that go into a first-class education.
  • Tuition and fees cover only 80% of the real cost of an SU education. All gifts help bridge that gap.
  • Gifts to individual schools and colleges support things like visiting artists, speaker programs, and field trips.
  • It’s a way for you to leave a legacy at SU and honor the community that helped you succeed.

As a student, what can I support?

  • You can support any part of SU that’s meaningful to you.
  • In the past students have given to the Annual Fund, dean’s funds at individual schools and colleges, the General Scholarship Fund and study abroad.

How can I get involved?

  • Become a Class Act student ambassador!
  • Email Grace Terry in the Office of Alumni Engagement at to learn more!

Thank you to the members of the Class of 2019 who have supported Syracuse University with a gift to the Class of 2019 Giving campaign. You really are a class act!

Give to the Class of 2019 Giving campaign today!

*Indicates College of Law graduate

Aakash K. Parekh
Aaron C. Records*
Aaron Fuoco
Aaron L. Guttenplan
Aaron M. Sortal
Abdulaziz Ziyad Alrashidi
Abdullah Akbar
Abigail B. Campion
Abigail J. Covington
Abigail J. Snelling
Abigail Levine
Abigail P. Moore
Abigayl L. Kellar
Adam L. Wallander
Adam P. Carey*
Aderinsola Atekoja
Aditi Bhalla
Adrianna Kocak
Ahmed Khattab*
Ahnaf S. Chowdhury
Aili T. Obandja*
Ajaya N. Mali
Alan I. Hedrick
Alan T. Nguyen
Alana B. Smolinsky
Alana M. Franceski
Alanna M. Lahey*
Alejandra Benavides Vitela
Alessandro Alessi
Alex Miller
Alex R. Patel
Alexa M. Calandrino
Alexa M. Stovsky
Alexa Watt
Alexander Avakian*
Alexander Douglas
Alexander E. Robinson*
Alexander L. Straus
Alexander Leavitt
Alexander Mercado
Alexandra B. Bass
Alexandra E. Robertson
Alexandra J. Carlin
Alexandra L. Allen
Alexandra L. Kopsidas
Alexandra M. Kravitz
Alexandra Moreo
Alexandra R. Gates
Alexandra R. Schiffer
Alexandra R. Stata
Alexandra U. Grzebyk
Alexandre G. Guimaraes Carvalho*
Alexis J. Garcia Zafis
Alfred J. Sweeney
Ali Mohammed Alhammad*
Alicia C. Birnbaum
Alicia Casamento
Alicia L. Loomis*
Alicia M. Thalhofer
Alison H. Verp
Alissa M. Seiter
Allison Grant
Ally Stanton
Allyssa Kelley-Brown
Alyssa J. Gorsky
Alyssa M. Argenio
Alyssa M. Nguyen
Alyssa M. Sullivan
Amanda C. Russell
Amanda E. Campbell
Amanda Kaufman
Amanda M. Rylee
Amanda R. Lee
Amanda Z. Wang*
Amar K. Deol*
Amber Hunter
Amber M. Ragunas
Amber R. Montesanto
Amelia M. Lu
Aminata G. Siby
Amit U. Vyas*
Ammar Jaradat*
Amy B. Le
Amy E. Lewis
Amy Pojunas
Anant Kumar
Andre Marques
Andrea Buckvold
Andrea M. Parisi
Andrea V. Scota
Andrei Skorobogatykh
Andres Llamoza
Andrew G. Boatright*
Andrew Herring
Andrew M. Cerna
Andrew N. Godnick
Andrew W. Beck
Andy L. Choi
Angela G. Gallina
Angela Rookey
Angelina E. Miller
Anh Van Hoang
Anil Gupta
Anil W. Mahesh
Anish Rishi
Anita L. Karimu
Anjani S. Iman
Anjelique Paula P. Soriano
Ann Carson
Ann E. Regan
Anna D. Nguyen
Anna M. Holdren*
Anne E. Harris
Anne F. Farber
Anne M. Fitzgerald
Annie E. O'Sullivan
Annie E. Turner
Annis Zheng
Anthonnella Chacon
Anthony M. Khelil
Antoine T. Lagasse
Antonia G. Green
Aodhan J. Doyle
Arezo Hakemy
Ari P. Harris
Aria E. Sivick
Ariana K. Jasko
Arianna M. Lee
Ariel B. Rabinowitz
Arielle J. Nainstein*
Arnold T. Solomon
Ashlee M. Mejia
Ashley E. Mintz
Ashley M. Gomez
Ashley M. Roth
Ashley N. Downs
Ashley R. Seebach
Ashley Signore
Asia Lance
Asimina A. Diamantis
Athena Pantelopoulos*
Augustine P. Ro
Austin Cieszko
Austin J. Kriews
Austin R. Heinz
Ava E. English
Avery L. Archambo
Barbara L. Woodall
Bari Yorke
Batoul R. Mufreh*
Bayley L. Axelrod
Benedykt Ezlakowski
Benjamin F. Gallishaw
Benjamin I. Sheinman
Benjamin M. Grodsky
Benjamin M. Taub
Benjamin N. Millard*
Benjamin W. Roesch
Bianca T. Esposito
Blaire R. Davis
Boxuan Yan
Brandi Rizika
Brandon C. Golfman*
Brandon E. DeJesus*
Breanna M. Morton
Breanna N. Mendonca
Breanna Zahakos
BreeAnna L. Beach
Brendan M. Tierney
Brian C. Trainor
Brian Kim*
Briana M. Garcia
Brianna Cooper
Brianna E. Stahrr
Brianne E. Briere
Bridget A. Frontale
Bridget E. Clark
Britnee Landerman
Brittany F. Seitzman
Brittany H. Teman
Brittany V. Dierken*
Brittney Scheriff
Brody L. Haire
Brooke E. Fernandez
Brooke Klein
Bryan N. Mcnally
Caitlin Brady
Caitlin C. McNamara
Caitlin E. McDonough
Caitlin J. Pavon
Cameron S. Hart
Candice Buchanan
Canela Corrales
Carey A. Mallozzi
Carina Bacha
Carl J. MacEwen
Carley Einbinder
Carly D. Woods
Carly H. Feinblatt
Carly J. Sopuch
Carly L. Haber
Carly R. Jones
Carly R. Kaplan
Carmela Chirinos Vasquez
Carolina Hasbun Elias
Caroline D. Barrick
Caroline M. Bertholf*
Caroline M. Deignan
Caroline R. Chipman
Carolyn R. Carullo
Carolyn Venditti
Cary Lam
Cassandra Kramp
Cassandra R. Franklin
Celeste Unverzagt
Cesar Pagan
Chang Chen
Chang Won Kang*
Chao Hu
Charity L. Nortz-Miller
Charles E. Croke
Charles M. Maher
Charley Dominguez
Charlotte M. Munday*
Charlotte R. Lester
Charly B. Stamps
Charly J. O'Brien*
Charmaine F. Stennett
Chelsea Perez
Chevis J. Armstead
Chia An Mike Liu
Chloe A. Milliken
Chloe Kang
Chloe Viklund
Christian J. Medina
Christina J. Graziadei*
Christina M. Kershaw-Whitehouse*
Christina M. Searles
Christina P. Vosnak
Christina T. Hahn
Christine F. Allawh
Christine Goncalves
Christine I. Rasmussen
Christopher A. Kim
Christopher E. Granados-Kramer
Christopher Geslin*
Christopher J. Baiamonte*
Christopher J. Rettinger
Christopher J. Scofield
Christopher J. Sorrentino
Christopher K. Fietta
Christopher Kazem
Christopher M. Autera
Christopher Mullins
Christopher N. Carbonaro
Christopher Pezzuti
Christopher R. Haenny
Christopher S. Helinski*
Christopher S. McIlveen*
Christopher T. Kane
Christopher W. Chomicki
Chukwudubem S. Onwualu
Clair L. Russell
Claire L. Stocum
Claire R. Govoni
Clayton D. Russell
Cody M. Andrushko*
Cole Singer
Colette D. Lathan
Colin A. MacKenzie
Colleen E. Kelly
Collin J. Newberg
Connor T. Peterson
Corinne M. Adamski
Corinne M. Ferman
Corinne V. Driban
Cortney Simmons
Cory Horowitz
Courtney A. Cunningham
Courtney E. Griffin*
Courtney H. Darling
Courtney M. Anderson
Courtney M. Schwartz
Courtney R. Fraher
Courtney R. Pulicella
Cristian Foronda
Cristy Cheng
Crue P. Culligan
Cynthia G. Galas
Cynthia Gonzalez
Dakota G. Silver
Dana C. Reichenbach
Dana Grey
Dane P. Kazem
Daniel B. Phillipi
Daniel Crowley
Daniel J. Ring
Daniel Jung
Daniel L. Cook
Daniel L. Jeski
Daniel R. Strauss
Daniel Rivera
Danielle Bitar
Danielle E. Lippman
Danielle M. Annino
Danielle M. Gorka
Danielle R. Schaf
Danny Lan
Dante B. Scott
Danya Li
Darin J. Yoder
Dario Barron Leal
Darlene Kenney
Darren Mungkhalodom
Dasha D. Foley
David A. Robusto
David D. Nam
David M. Frick
David P. Bullard
David P. Muller
David Rhys Caleb Fathers
David S. Choi
David S. Gilstrap
David T. Lind
David V. Mayes
David W. Matthews
Deja A. Clay
Delaney P. Wehn
Denise Romero
Denisse Rosario Reyes
Dennis T. Scanlon*
Deo G. Laksana
Derek A. Polanco
Desiree M. Rivas
Devin A. Goldstein
Devon L. Robinson
Diana Azizyan
Dianna Devito
Divya Yeleswarapu
Dominick A. Fantacone
Dominique A. Reid*
Dominique T. Arcuri*
Donya Feizbakhsh*
Doria P. Miller
Douglas Porreca
Douglas S. Bullock*
Douglas Scaffidi
Drew P. Jacobson
Dwayne T. Ellmore
Dylan R. Rheingold
Eamonn T. Dundon
Ebrar N. Mohammad
Edwina Maggs
Elaina M. Berkowitz
Elaina Marino*
Elaine E. Alberts
Eleanor M. Woodwell
Elhadji A. Dieng*
Eliza J. Ross
Elizabeth A. Dizor
Elizabeth C. Saul
Elizabeth D. Stefanou
Elizabeth H. Scharoun
Elizabeth L. Bullock
Elizabeth L. Lehmann*
Elizabeth M. Millard
Elizabeth N. Pierre
Elizabeth Tarangelo
Ella C. Biestek
Ellen N. Herrera
Ellen Y. Kim
Ellisa A. Pean
Emilee P. Mercuri
Emily A. Baker
Emily B. Allen
Emily B. Barkann
Emily Dann
Emily G. Campbell
Emily J. Judd
Emily J. Lehmann
Emily J. Waldman
Emily K. Gross
Emily K. Kuettel
Emily L. Amell
Emily M. Adelman
Emily M. Becker
Emily M. Crampton
Emily M. Kick
Emily Osman
Emily R. Deutch
Emily R. Weinstein
Emily Temkin
Emma A. Coppola*
Emma C. Caslowitz
Emma J. Bhayani
Emma K. Gutstein
Emma L. Walen
Emma M. Lipstone
Emma N. Wishnow
Emory L. Granat
Enrique Corona
Eric J. Stranak
Erica M. DeCicco
Erika Hooker*
Erika L. Simonson*
Erin B. Gaffney
Erin Bartolo
Erin E. Malone
Erin E. O'Brien
Erin N. Gallagher
Erin R. Sciortino
Errant D. Son
Ethan J. Russell-Benoit
Eugene M. Mok*
Evan M. Webb
Evan P. Naylor*
Evan R. Bothmann
Evan W. Cavallaro
Faaris Mughal
Faiz Khan
Fang Shu
Fatimah Abdulaziz Albulayhi*
Fatmawati Tuyulawe
Felicia C. Underwood
Fiona B. Cochran
Firouz Saghri
Flanagan R. Brown
Forrest Jividen
Forrest Sears
Gabriel B. Vehar
Gabriel Oduro-Boamah
Gabriela N. Susana
Gabriela Robles
Gabriella Fox
Gabrielle Cajas
Gabrielle L. Bull*
Gabrielle L. Meadows
Gabrielle N. Sherwood*
Gardar G. Olafsson*
Garrett K. Yagade
Garrett M. Rutledge
Gavin Blasier
Genesis J. Ruiz
Geoffrey J. Gerace
George E. Baddour
Georgiana T. Volturo
Gerald P. Bannon*
Gianna Welch
Giavanna L. Larez
Gift Nleko
Gila F. Fridkis
Gina M. Ranalli
Giovanni Marrero
Giselle Ortiz
Giulia M. Milana
Grace A. Clayton
Grace A. Humphrey
Grace O. Shaw
Grant M. Chamberlain
Greer T. Manning
Gregory M. Bauerfeld
Greta A. Swift
Griffin A. Brooks
Guerry Nelson
Hailey M. Archuleta
Haleta Giday Fiseha*
Halie Chauncey
Halle B. Hall
Halle E. Cook
Halleluyah O. Adebiyi
Halston D. Canty
Hamza A. Bokhari
Han Seul Choi
Hannah E. Carne
Hannah E. Feinstein
Hannah G. Riddle
Hannah I. Cohen
Hannah K. Duerr
Hannah L. Butler
Hannah M. Fleager
Hannah R. Clary
Hannah Yoon
Hanool Kim
Harrison Lee
Hassan Mosad Ahmed*
Hayden L. Barry
Heath Turner
Heather D. Carlock
Heather D. Sharpless
Heather M. Murin
Heather R. Cooper*
Hector Carvalho
Helena A. Starrs
Helena F. Powell
Hemaxi Shah*
Holly C. Terry
Holly E. Metzger
Holly L. Webster*
Holly Terpstra
Hope V. Puzzanghera
Hugo Marsans
Ian C. Tinsley
Ian Lambeth
Ian P. Mulich
Ibro Alemic
Ilhan Gowdha
Ilir Rogova*
Inbar Porat
Inggrit Ifani*
Iris Jaquez
Irving Shen
Isabel M. Akgulian
Isabel R. Goss
Isabella T. Cuevas
Isabelle M. Rodgers
Isaiah A. Jewell
Isaiah N. Nins
Ivana Pino
Jack B. Kaczorowski
Jack F. Upton
Jack P. Mancini
Jaclyn G. Lash
Jacob C. Bragdon
Jacob C. Dehahn
Jacob J. Honan*
Jacob J. Kahler
Jacob S. Murray
Jacob V. VanMarter
Jacob W. Keller
Jacqueline A. Collins
Jacqueline E. LaMancuso
Jacqueline Kim
Jacqueline L. de Guzman
Jacqueline M. Boushell
Jacqueline M. Fulcher
Jacqueline N. Berchtein
Jacqueline R. Lanese
Jacquelyn A. Brozyna
Jade Hazel C. Tademy
Jae Eun Jung
Jake Kearney
Jake M. Maguire
Jake S. Silverman
Jake T. Narracci
Jake Z. Roseman
Jalissa U. Trotter
James A. Goveia
James A. Hunt
James A. Karcanes
James H. Lu
James W. Martin
Jami L. Peters
Jamie Doppelt
Jamie L. Martin
Jamie Richards*
Jamila S. Perkins
Janelle P. Randall
Janelys Pichardo
Janice A. Comer
Janine M. Beam
Janna M. Swerdloff
Jarrod Pierce
Jasmine C. Stevens
Jasmine Kim
Jason E. Abell
Jason L. Dickson
Jason Shaull
Jason Wold
Javier R. Ruiz
Jaya Hariprasad
Jayden Walters
Jayla K. Goodloe
Jeanette Van Slyke
Jeffrey E. Albelo
Jeffrey M. Weissinger
Jeffrey S. Nathan
Jenelle Jones
Jeniffer Taylor*
Jenna M. Landsman
Jenna Romine*
Jennifer E. Bard
Jennifer H. Klinger
Jennifer L. Frega
Jennifer L. Hicks
Jennifer L. McGauley*
Jennifer R. Colletta
JeongMin Lee*
Jeremy M. Cronin
Jessica A. Dion
Jessica Bak
Jessica Casero Lopez
Jessica E. Phillips
Jessica Gozza
Jessica L. Federico-Grome
Jessica T. Beyer
Jessie L. Martin
Jessie McCraw
Jezrel Sabaduquia
Jiahui Zhu
Jianyi Liu
Jiatian Xie
Jiaying Ma
Jill G. Feigenbaum
Jill S. Greenberg
Jingchen Cui
Jingyi Wang
Jingyu Bao
Jinsung Kim
Joan M. Kump
Joanna Cabrera
Joanna R. Bailey
Jo-Anna R. Jacobs
Jocelyn P. Pepper
John A. Mikesh
John C. Mannix
John M. Baluch
John M. Brigham
John M. Lombardi
John M. Matchinsky
John P. Joslin*
John S. Parrino
John Underhill*
Johnathan Medina
Joie Anacker
Joleyne Herrera
Jonah B. Nielsen
Jonathan Gregory
Jonathan Jenn Yu Sun
Jonnice Slaughter
Joo Hee Kong*
Jordan E. Beal
Jordan E. Hubbard
Jordan J. O'Connor*
Jordan T. Koster
Jose A. Velasquez
Jose Javier Simeon Garcia Rovira
Jose R. Quiles Martin
Jose R. Sanchez Cruzalegui
Joseph B. Schack
Joseph C. Blandino
Joseph E. Carter
Joseph E. Fitzgerald
Joseph G. Pasquale
Joseph H. Chae
Joseph L. Coopersmith
Joseph Rainone
Joshua D. Caron*
Joshua I. Moran
Joshua Rodriguez
Joshua S. Berenson
Jovanna D'Alonzo
Juhyung Oh*
Julia B. Chatzky
Julia B. Weisman
Julia C. Cirincione
Julia E. DiGiuseppe
Julia M. Hall
Julia R. Murray
Julia S. Rome
Julian Labarca
Juliana A. Andrade Macedo De Britto Perei*
Julianna Blake
Julianna N. Lopez
Julianne Sweeney
Julie A. Lovenberg
Julie E. Manikas
Juliet N. Domine
Julieta Birmajer
Junan Zhu
Justin J. Kim
Justina Fikert
Kaela M. Gundy
Kahssia A. Hills
Kaitlin E. Shipps
Kaitlyn Chiodo
Kali N. Wilson
Kameron A. Scott
Kamryn I. Crompton
Kanda Fang
Karen R. Miranda
Karen Xu
Kari E. Gibson*
Karlyncia S. Singh
Kassidi Streeter
Kassidy Cooper
Kate Intner
Kateryna Halenko*
Katherine A. Simmons
Katherine A. Vestal
Katherine E. Dills
Katherine F. Bisbee
Katherine J. Kiser
Katherine M. Swift
Katherine O. Veley
Katherine Sciortino
Katherine T. Franc
Kathleen K. Morton*
Kathryn J. Gerace
Kathryn R. Pirzadeh
Katie E. Hyma*
Katie M. Becker*
Kayla Anderson
Kayla Massaro
Kaylah D. Felipe
Kaylee M. Kick
Keegan Brown
Keith Lambert
Kelly Chung
Kelly E. Blair
Kelly McFarland*
Kelly Murphy
Kelly O. McPartland
Kelsea A. Carbajal*
Kelsey N. Davis
Kelsey Neukrug
Kendall E. Klotz
Kendra Butner
Kendra Guerrero
Kendra M. Kirby
Kenneth A. Mintz
Kenneth J. Buckner
Kenneth J. Kelly
Keren Maya Mevorach
Keri L. Huang
Kessia T. Garnett
Kevin D. Hennings
Kevin Geidel
Kevin K. Appiah
Khalil S. Jean-Baptiste
Khem R. Sedhai
Khemiah D. Burke
Khin Chit Win
Killian M. Hartough
Kim Gailor-Layton
Kimberly K. Brown
Kimberly M. Castoro
Kirsten E. Judge
Kirstin M. Krug
Kokeith Perry
Kristen El-Amir
Kristen K. Cardenas
Kristen M. Jevis
Kristen Peck*
Kristian Walker
Kristin Cheung
Kristin Mascolo
Kristina A. Cervi*
Kristine Klein
Kruti D. Valia
Kyle A. Hobart
Kyle A. Makovsky
Kyle R. Palmore*
Kyle Swigert
Kylie P. Mallow
Kylie R. Mccavitt
Kyra L. Meister
Kyungmin Gu
Lacey C. Grummons*
Lacey E. Kido
Lanni Yu
Laura E. O'Brien*
Lauren A. Mulcahy
Lauren A. Wolfe*
Lauren E. Czudak
Lauren E. Lockfeld
Lauren E. Mc Lenithan
Lauren Farrell
Lauren J. Taub
Lauren K. Cunningham
Lauren McLaughlin
Lauren Richards
Laurie Boucicaut
Lauryn A. Sonnenberg
Leah B. Cooper
Leah Kochen
Leah M. Killian
Leah McIrwin
Leah Toney
Leanna D. Pilosof
LeeAnne Pedrick*
Lemonia Kakoulidis
Lena M. Oliver
Lenin Young
Lenita F. Freire Machado Simao*
Leonard A. Shanes
Lesly Duarte
Lester L. Kauffman
Li Chu
Liam R. McNeil
Lie'chelle A. Robinson Hernandez
Lilly Zheng
Lily H. Verbeck
Lina J. Sullivan
Linda Chen
Linda Lin
Lindsay M. Schiffman
Lindsay S. Carbone
Lindsey Benton
Lingyu Meng
Linqing Li
Lisa C. Dussing
Lisa M. Knab*
Liza H. Dupler
Logan Zucchino
Lorena M. Kanzki
Lotte Kjoenoe Olsen
Lucas Purce
Luciola Gomides Dutra*
Luella M. Garner
Luiz Antonio Palacio Filho*
Luke M. Edmondson*
Lynna C. Paradiso*
Mackenzie A. O'Dell
Mackenzie A. Riley
Mackenzie H. Ryan
Mackenzie L. Silvia
Macy M. Teifke*
Maddie Deanna Brown
Madeline D. Johnson
Madeline G. Merwin
Madeline J. Turner
Madeline Laberge
Madeline M. Gonynor
Madelyn M. Geltch
Madison A. Forcione
Madison Albert
Madison E. Schwartz
Madison N. Chappell
Maeve A. Wurtz
Magda Zackiewicz
Maggie Harrington
Maggie Nhan
Maia Garcia
Maia J. Wilson
Malinda J. Farrell
Marc A. Cacioppo
Marcella A. Desharnais
Marcus J. Lane
Margaret E. Coleman
Margaret M. Southwick
Margaret V. Vassar
Maria A. Velazquez
Maria C. Gambino
Maria C. Zumpano*
Maria Held
Maria L. Bussone
Maria Mercedes Franceschi
Maria Revelles
Mariam Kvantaliani
Mariela S. Sepulveda
Marieme A. Ba
Marissa D. Perry Sharpe*
Marissa Gusmao
Mark R. Decker
Marlowe N. Reardon
Martese Dodson
Martina L. Maroun
Martinique C. Ho
Mary A. Mik
Mary Ann Luciano
Mary E. Rahal
Mary F. Bolan
Mary G. Castle
Mary I. Wood
Mary K. Dineen
Mary K. Storholm
Maryann Spencer*
Matthew A. Sala
Matthew C. Cooper
Matthew C. Wieselthier
Matthew G. Sgromo
Matthew I. Sheridan
Matthew J. Feldman
Matthew P. Bulriss*
Matthew R. Mignella
Matthew R. Winchell
Matthew W. Sneed*
Matthew W. Wallace*
Maya Darko-Asante
Mazaher Kaila
Meaghan C. Linhart
Megan A. Baker
Megan A. Marte
Megan C. Shelton
Megan DiDomenico
Megan E. Sepulveda
Megan E. Storie
Megan G. Kelly
Meghan D. Vumback*
Meghan E. Coles
Meghan G. O'Brien
Meghan L. Dorsey
Mei Zhang
Melanie S. Oventhal
Melanie Y. Tacher
Melissa A. Goldstein
Melissa Alvarez-Zabriskie
Melissa J. Levine
Melissa J. Whipps
Melissa M. Lane
Mellissa Nguon
Meng Ting Lin
Mengting Zheng
Mengyao Fan
Meredith Tipper
Meredith Vondran
Mi H. Tran
Michael A. Espinosa
Michael D. Case
Michael D. Leong
Michael J. Feinberg
Michael P. Henn
Michael V. Leo
Michael W. Canavan*
Michael Whittaker*
Michela D. Mastellone
Michele C. Godleske
Michelle E. Stark
Michelle Herr
Michelle J. Lopez*
Michelle Levitch
Michelle Strong
Michelle Tiburcio
Mikayla E. Bonsenor
Mikayla S. Beckwith
Milton G. Escoto Crispin
Minji R. Um
Mirela Kasumovic
Mirza Hadzic*
Mitchell J. Kwok
Mohammedelmamoun Babikir*
Mohanad G. Alsado
Moira G. Malley
Mollie Vaynstein
Molly Hogan
Molly Hutto
Molly K. Herbert
Molly M. Garrity
Molly O'Connell
Molly R. D'Agostino*
Morgan E. Lynd
Morgan Hollenback
Morgan J. Lyons
Morgan M. Hinckley*
Muhammad A. Anjum*
Naara Ramirez-Estevez
Nabiha Asim
Nahnsan Guseh
Nakira H. Christmas
Naomi B. Evers
Naomi C. Potterf
Nasim Ziad
Natacha Mihigo
Natalia Grosfeld
Natalie C. Pazmino
Natalie D. Blyznak
Natalie Hotaling
Natalie J. Mafrici
Nathalie Marie Bailey
Nathan M. Jerauld
Nathan Taylor
Naunihal Singh
Nerys M. Castillo-Santana
Nia C. Scarboro
Nia Gibson
Nicholas Bellitti
Nicholas Constantino*
Nicholas G. Carlson
Nicholas Hui
Nicholas Lohrer
Nicholas M. Gold
Nicholas Morelli
Nicholas S. Windwer
Nicole A. Anes
Nicole A. Franklin
Nicole Campbell
Nicole Chen
Nicole E. Evans
Nicole M. Carlacci
Nicole S. Davis
Nicolette R. Loporcaro
Nidha Ahmed
Nidia R. Bernal
Nilava Mukherjee
Nina S. Carlsen
Noah S. Paxton
Nora C. Keefe
Nora E. Taupier
Nordia Mullings
Noro M. Rafenomanjato*
Nur Evin Mercan
Olivia A. Cullen
Olivia A. Fontana*
Olivia A. Proia
Olivia C. Humphrey
Olivia J. Smith
Olivia K. Rose
Olivia N. Bosar
Olivia S. Binette
Omar Sameh Ahmed Khalifa
Oriana R. McDonough
Page L. Sapienza
Paige T. Palmer
Pamela R. Hanley
Paris C. Babers
Parker H. Finestone
Parker H. Whitmore
Parker W. Sanford
Patricia Baptiste
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Peter M. Levchuck
Peter Morrissey
Phoebe A. Bennett
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Priyanka Narula
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Qianqiao Fang
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Qihui Mu
Qingyuan Xu
Qixiang Wang
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Quinn W. Bulazo
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Rachel A. Melvin
Rachel C. Maglio
Rachel E. Day
Rachel G. Dragon
Rachel M. Theodorou*
Rachel M. Wilkinson
Rachel N. Chirichella
Rachel R. Kessler*
Rafaela Evans
Ralph J. Woo
Ramkumar Balasubramanian
Ramon Flete
Randi Dorman
Raquel C. Arteaga
Rasan Taher
Rashell Villar
Raul A. Herrera
Rebecca A. Stacy
Rebecca B. Blekht
Rebecca Bregman
Rebecca E. Spraggins
Rebecca I. Jacobson
Rebecca L. Bisson
Reighan M. Alston
Renata Ramella
Ricardo A. Santos
Ricardo Mena Burgos
Richard Elliott
Richard F. Kelly,*
Rie Kawasaki*
Riley A. Haris
Riley Scott
Robert A. Rigoglioso
Robert C. Tota
Robert F. Bisconti
Robert J. Kyei
Robert J. Williams
Robert L. Ferebee
Robert P. Salanger
Robyn L. Adams
Rodrigo O. Oliveira Mellet*
Roma S. Amernath
Romeo G. Kpolo
Romy S. Weidner Gonzalez
Roneka P. Robinson
Rongjian Yang
Rose K. Maalouf
Rowel Castillones
Ruben M. Suzara
Ruliang He
Russell E. Carr
Ruth Nanret Dariye
Ryan A. Carmody
Ryan Byrne
Ryan Garcia
Ryan J. Charland
Ryan L. Holak
Ryan M. Wachtell
Ryan P. Patel
Ryan S. Ratty
Sabastian S. Piedmont*
Sabastine M. Udeme
Sabrina Brodkin
Sabrina Logrono
Sabrina M. Simich
Sachin D. Patel
Sagarika S. Naik
Sam E. Shapiro
Samantha A. Spellman
Samantha B. Mindich
Samantha Giammarino
Samantha Hedlund
Samantha L. Feig
Samantha M. Bernard
Samantha M. Kessler
Samantha M. Maniccia
Samantha N. Scuderi
Samantha Olofson
Samantha Prins
Samantha R. Zive
Samar Al-Any
Samoya Ricketts
Samuel H. Hirsch
Samuel J. Lesnik
Samuel L. Jenanyan
Samuel Monn
Samuel Okhman
Santita E. Ebangwese
Sara Adams*
Sara D. Lupi*
Sara M. Talarico
Sara R. Sapienza
Sarah B. Parker
Sarah B. Thomas
Sarah C. Beaudoin
Sarah E. Mullarkey
Sarah E. Shepp*
Sarah Joelle Miocevich
Sarah K. Whaley
Sarah Katherine Rimer
Sarah L. Purtill*
Sarah Quady
Sarina Morales
Scott L. Kessel
Sean Browne
Sehrish Nawaz*
Selin Demir*
Seth M. Greenberg
Shafin Zaman
Shamel Fadloun
Shan Huang
Shannon T. McLoughlin
Shanyah V. Saunders
Shawn R. King
Shazif Shaikh
Shelanda Duncan
Shelby Davis
Shelby E. Mann
Shelby L. Naill
Shinsung Kim*
Shoshana T. Tracy
Shreeya Shakya
Shruti H. Marathe
Shuk Ching Jocelyn Mong
Sidne Norman
Sienna R. Lee
Sierra R. Benedetto Brouillet
Simone Girma
Simone J. Ayers
Simone R. Burns
Siyun Li
Skylar J. McClure
Skyler T. Williams
Sohrab G. Gousheh
Somayeh Mohammadi
Song Cao
Sophia Bourgeois
Sophia D. Matsis
Sophia Speliakos
Sophie J. Katz
Sophie W. Bober*
Spencer S. Gafa
Spencer Samelson
Stacy D. McCabe*
Stacy Fernandez
Stephanie C. Carmichael
Stephanie L. Hanrahan*
Stephanie M. Cuevas Baez
Stephanie M. Lemus
Stephanie T. Vasta
Stephanie Wagner
Stephen Kim
Steven L. Eychner*
Steven L. Foss*
Sunlee Stechuk
Sylvia T. Montijo
Szuchia Shen
Tahreem Kamil
Tala Ayoubi
Tanner M. Kingston*
Tanya Motwani
Tara C. Bradley
Tara N. O'Brien
Tara Nuqul
Tatiana A. Franklin
Tatiana A. Kawar
Tatiana C. Inkeles
Tatiana Cardasis
Tatum M. Abbott
Tayler L. Bradford
Taylor L. Lambert
Taylor L. Richards
Taylor M. Epps
Tess Liberman
Tessa J. Kajdi*
Thandar P. Zone
Thiago Milanez Andraus*
Thomas Barnello
Thomas F. Capone*
Thomas F. Cooke
Thomas LeMere
Thomas Meis
Thomas P. Hoare
Tiana Gong
Tianyi Fan
Tiara K. Lowery
Tichina I. Sewell-Richards
Tierney Sovic
Timothy J. Attanasio
Timothy Kim
Timothy R. Daniels
Timothy R. Hultman
Tobin J. Fleming
Tommy Chen
Tori N. Sutera
Torre S. Payton-Jackson
Trevor J. Lin
Trevor L. McDaniel*
Trevor Y. Hinman*
Trufat Emanuel
Tyler Adams
Tyler C. Paul
Tyler J. Lane
Ursula N. Simmons*
Valeria M. Sagardia
Valerie A. Corona
Valerie L. James
Vanessa D. Ramlal
Vanessa Marquette
Victoria Handler
Vincent J. McGovern
Virginia L. Paulk
Wai Ching Wilson Li
Waley Liu
Wanyi Lu
Wen Jiun Gan
Wendy Chen
Wenjie Cai*
Wenqi Wu
Wenxin Liang
Whitney O. Ize-Iyamu
William Conallen
William E. Hutcheson*
William G. Osborne
William Heikoff
William M. Wright
William T. Parker
William Zeitler
Winter L. Schweibold
Xavia Gamboa*
Xi Liu
Xianrui Wang
Xiaotong Wang*
Xiuqi Yan
Xuehong Wang*
Xuxin Yin
Yan Fang
Yana Los
Yang Tin
Yang Yang
Yashani Smith
Yasmeen Jones
Yasmeen M. Eesa*
Yeunsue Park
Yihong Guo
Yohannes Takele Zewale*
Yongjoon Kim
Yonglin Wang
Yu Cheng
Yuandong Wang
Yue Yun Zhu
Yui Kei Lo
Yujun Zhang
Yunfei Zhao
Yunqing Hu
Yuquan Xu
Yvette Rother
Yvonne Lu
Zachary H. Regenstein
Zachary M. Vlahandreas
Zachary R. Osborne
Zachary W. Perdek*
Zachary Warner
Zackary Warden
Zadia E. Wallace
Zahra Abbas
Zahra Ben Ammar
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Zeelee Segura
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