Katherine Veley

Katherine Veley photo

University College

What attracted you to Syracuse University?
I was an employee with Falk College for 14 years. I wasn't able to finish college in the early 80's, and decided to take advantage of the tuition incentives offered employees.

How has your time at Syracuse shaped you?
I've never worked so hard towards anything else in my life, and honestly, didn't know I had that in me. The support of my husband and my son during that time was a tremendous gift, that looking back, was what pulled me through.

What motivates you to give back to Syracuse?
Syracuse gave me my education, and I've watched so many others struggle through financial difficulties, family and work challenges. This is how I chose to "pay it forward."

What has been your favorite Syracuse experience so far?
Not to date myself, but the 2003 National Championship. Watching the campus and the community come together as one to celebrate that huge accomplishment.

Why do you think alumni should support SU?
Chances are good that as students, they enjoyed opportunities that wouldn't have otherwise been available, had not others chosen to give. WE'RE ALL ORANGE! That's who we are and how we support each other.

If you had a chance to thank a donor right now, what would you say?
"Thank you for your role in making my educational experience at SU so phenomenal. I will forever strive to make you proud, and to do for others what you did for me."

Why are you proud to be a part of the Orange family?
Because we are, truly, a "family." Orange blood runs forever through each of us, past, present and future. It's a unique and special privilege.