Andrew Regalado

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Annual Fund

What organizations are you involved with on-campus that you are really passionate about and why?
On campus I serve as the President & Chairman of the Forever Orange Student Alumni Council, am a founding father of my Fraternity - Delta Upsilon, and the Co-Morale Chair of our OttoTHON - Dance Marathon because I am passionate about giving back to both the greater Orange & CNY communities. These organizations have allowed me to explore servant leadership, while also allowing me to engage with new parts of campus where I met my best friends and grew into the person I am today.

How has your time at Syracuse shaped you?
My time at Syracuse University has shaped me into a critical thinker and global citizen. It is crucial to understand that one's actions have an effect on the greater societal ecosystem and that we each have the power and responsibility to both preserve and advance the world for generations to come. Syracuse University challenges students to think about this in every moment - from walking to class and seeing others, participating in a student organization, or exploring Marshall Street. Syracuse University is a place to be shaped in and out of the classroom.

What motivates you to give back to Syracuse?
Many of the experiences I had on and off campus were due to the support of alumni giving. I want to help ensure that these opportunities are not just maintained, but expanded for future Orange generations and students like me.

What has been your favorite Syracuse experience so far?
My favorite Syracuse experience thus far has been studying and interning in Madrid, Spain. While there I was able to dive deeper into studying socioeconomic implications of policy on our global economy and travel to over 15 countries. Beyond that, immersing myself in the Spanish culture and living with a host family was an experience that brought exponential perosnal growth and memories that will last a lifetime.

Why do you think alumni should support SU?
Alumni should support SU to leave their legacy and invest back into what guided them to their current way of life. Each alumnus has the opportunity to decide exactly how they want their gift to be applied to the greater campus community no matter how big or small it is. Moreover, our university as a whole benefits from continuous alumni support because it allows SU to advance in areas that will bring our community to the next level.