Salsabeel Khazaleh

Salsabeel Khazaleh photo

Hendricks Chapel

What attracted you to Syracuse University?
The thing that attracted me most to Syracuse University was its diverse campus. I wanted to be exposed to as many languages and cultures as possible awhile pursuing my undergraduate degree, and Syracuse University promised me that.

What organizations are you involved with on-campus that you are really passionate about and why?
I am involved in the Muslims Student Association (MSA) and Sigma Tau Delta. I am really passionate about both of them because one has given me a family on campus and the latter has given me opportunities in a field I’m very passionate about.

How has your time at Syracuse shaped you?
Syracuse University has forever shaped me by providing me with a broader worldwide lens for looking at issues, people and relationships. It has also shaped and honed my competitive and ambitious nature by giving me opportunities to conduct my own interdisciplinary research with the support of highly esteemed faculty.

What motivates you to give back to Syracuse?
I recognize the privilege of being able to attend college and pursue a degree, and wanted to use this as a tool to help others to get the same, if not better, opportunities that were offered to me.

What has been your favorite Syracuse experience so far?
There’s so much to choose from, there’s the basketball games in the dome, the student involvement fairs on the quad and the overall sense of involvement and family that really makes many of these moments my favorite.

Why do you think alumni should support SU?
Everyone should leave a legacy behind. Support can come in many forms and I think that many if not all alumni should, if they can, support an organization or scholarship on campus to offer the opportunities that were offered to them to more people. I can’t think of a better legacy to leave behind.

If you had a chance to thank a donor right now, what would you say?
Think about the best moments you’ve had on campus, now think about the organization, college or group that was/were responsible for those happy moments, wouldn’t be great if those moments were shared and experienced by more people?

Why are you proud to be a part of the Orange family?
I’m proud to be a part of the Orange family because I know I won’t stop being a part of this family after I graduate. The Orange family will always support me and will stop at nothing to facilitate my success, that’s not easy to find.