Our Endowment

An endowed fund is established to last in perpetuity, with only the payout from the fund spent each year to support Syracuse University’s goals and priorities. That means gifts to The Syracuse Endowment give forever, providing the financial foundation our future depends on.

The Syracuse Endowment today

Through the generosity of SU alumni and friends and prudent financial management, The Syracuse Endowment provides a financial foundation for years to come. On June 30, 2015, it was valued at $1.166 billion.

The Syracuse Endowment 2005-2015 ($ millions)

2005 818.3
2006 908.4
2007                1,086.1
2008 1,000.5
2009 674.6
2010 849.2
2011 913.7
2012 940.1
2013 1,053
2014 1,183
2015 1,166

The Long-Term Investment Fund

The Syracuse Endowment includes the Long-Term Investment Fund, a pooled investment fund valued at $1.120 billion as of June 30, 2015. The Long-Term Investment Fund encompasses approximately 2,000 individual endowments that, during the 2015 fiscal year, provided more than $53.5 million in support of the University’s mission.

Many of the endowments are unrestricted and provide the stable support that enables the University to respond to new challenges and opportunities. The remaining endowments are restricted by donors. These dollars can be used only for certain purposes, such as providing student scholarships, recruiting stellar faculty, creating new academic programs, or conducting groundbreaking research.

When you create an endowment, you have the satisfaction of knowing that your name, or the name of a friend, family member, or favorite professor, will be remembered at Syracuse forever, as the endowment gives for many generations to come.

How the Long-Term Investment Fund is managed

The Long-Term Investment Fund is managed like a mutual fund. Endowment fund assets are commingled for investment purposes, and are accounted for using unit accounting.

As individual gifts are received, each endowment fund is assigned units based upon the month-end unit value. The annual distribution from each endowment is determined by the number of units in the fund and the unit distribution rate established each year by the Investment and Endowment Committee.

Currently, a gift of $1 million provides approximately $37,000 during the first year to support a donor’s stated purpose.

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