How You Can Help

Help Project Transition Meet an Ever-Growing Demand

Project Transition—currently sustained through generous support from Jan and Charles Raymond, SU parents Barbara and Eric Bodner and Robert and Susan Cohen, and funding from the School of Education—has the capacity to serve 45 families annually. But demand for the program is increasing dramatically.

To continue to serve these students and their families, the project’s core operating budget must be stabilized. And to serve those on our ever-growing waiting list and expand services to the greater New York metropolitan area, Boston, Atlanta, Houston, Los Angeles, and Chicago, the budget must grow. Long term, our goal is to replicate this one-of-a-kind program at other colleges and universities throughout New York State.

Just as it “takes a village” to raise a child, it takes the combined effort of students, the University, and parents to ensure that all academically gifted students have a chance to fulfill their dreams through higher education.

Gifts to Project Transition can be made with cash, bequests, and retirement funds, or with annuities or trusts structured as a planned gift by SU or and outside entity, such as a bank. Give now and help strengthen the vital link between parents, students, and SU. Be sure to enter Project Transition in the “gift to be used for” field.

To learn more about the many other ways you can support Project Transition, contact:
Heather Allison Waters
Assistant Dean for Advancement
School of Education, Syracuse University
315.443.7773 or 315.415.2987