Thoughts from Generation Orange

Read what some members of Generation Orange have to say about Syracuse University, how their time on campus impacted their lives, and why they give back to The Fund for Syracuse.

“Syracuse University and the Whitman School of Management provided me with life-changing experiences and an exceptional education I would not have been able to receive at other institutions. The school set me up for enormous growth and future success and I look forward to continually giving back in the form of monetary gifts as well as volunteering.”
— Michael Harney ’10


Syracuse University Quad

“While my time at SU lasted only four years, the gifts and resources I received from Syracuse will last long into the future. Whether we’re talking about the incredible alumni network, the long-lasting friendships and ties, or the education and life lessons, SU gave all of us something we will carry with us and benefit from for years and years. So I give back to make sure that those graduating after me can continue to say that SU has made a lifelong impact on them.”
— James Simmons ’10

“Syracuse gave me my foundation. I owe everything I have today to the education I gained at Syracuse University and the Whitman School of Management.”
— Lee Goldberg ’06

“Syracuse was my foot in the door to the many options I had starting my career. SU gave me so much–every day, I use a skill I learned there–that it’s my responsibility to give back what I can. I want to make sure someone else has the same great experience I had.”
— Amanda Bastian ’06

“My SU experience has bound me to a time with people and experiences that continue to shape the person I am. Syracuse prepared me for being a professional in the business world, but it mostly taught me to appreciate opportunities and people around me. As a young alum, I understand the importance of ensuring that future students have the same opportunities. And by giving to The Fund for Syracuse, I can be part of that effort.”
— Carlye Eder ’10
Generation Orange: Syracuse University's Young Alumni

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