How Giving Makes a Difference

Yes, Your Gift Really MattersClass Act: Syracuse University Class of 2018 Giving

Giving to the Class of 2018 Giving campaign can make a difference right now to you and every other SU student on campus.

Here are just a few things it can do:

  • Support the more than $260 million in student scholarships SU provides.
  • Bring renowned speakers and visiting artists to campus.
  • Support the operating budgets of student organizations.
  • Fund student awards that pay for travel and conference opportunities.
  • Support our Syracuse University Abroad centers all over the world.
  • Pay entry fees for student competitions.
  • Provide new technology in classrooms, laboratories, and libraries.
  • Pay for subscriptions to scholarly journals.
  • Provide funds for deans to use where support is needed most.

As you can see, giving has a major impact. Give to the Class of 2018 Giving campaign today!

Give now!