Philanthropy Phacts

Why should you invest in SU?

You’re probably wondering why you should give to SU—after all, aren’t you already paying for your SU education?

The answer is simple. You should invest in SU because thousands of people you don’t know invested in YOU. Even if you didn’t receive financial aid, SU donors are a crucial part of your education. Here are some facts and figures that explain why:

Estimated cost to attend SU    $61,242
Percentage of cost covered by tuition 80% (approximate)
Amount of institutional scholarships provided by SU annually             $225 million
Average financial aid award $16,737
Number of alumni, parents, faculty, staff, friends, and students
who made a gift to SU last year
Amount donors committed to SU in 2014-15 $103,335,441

“One person can make a difference, and everyone should try.”
— John F. Kennedy