SU’s Tradition of Philanthropy

Newhouse 3

As students at Syracuse University, we experience all that makes SU special. We learn from great teachers. Take advantage of innovative programs and state-of-the-art facilities. Study in places like Florence and Hong Kong.

But did you realize that none of these things would be possible without the support of SU donors? That’s because the tuition we pay to attend SU cover only about 80% of the true cost of our education (see our Philanthropy Phacts). The difference is made up by gifts from SU alumni, parents, faculty, staff—even students.

This tradition of philanthropy dates back to the beginning of SU. Today, wherever you look, you see the names of our most generous supporters—Schine, Newhouse, Whitman, Falk, and many, many more. Beside them are thousands of others whose names will never be on a building, but whose gifts are just as important.

How will you leave your mark?

The Forever Orange Student Alumni Council is a group of student ambassadors who understand the impact giving makes at SU. We’re building a spirit of “giving back” among our classmates and a culture of giving within our university.

What can you do to keep SU’s tradition of philanthropy alive?

  • Get involved! Volunteer for one of SU’s many student organizations. Or be a part of our Forever Orange Student Alumni Council.
  • Become a donor yourself! Support the part of SU you love most and make a gift. Big or small, your gift will help ensure that students continue to have the same opportunities you’ve had at SU. Are you a senior? Give to the Class of 2018 Giving campaign.
  • Learn more about philanthropy! Maxwell now offers a course in giving back. In PAF 410, Philanthropy and You, you’ll solicit grant applications from real nonprofits and help decide which ones receive funding. Read more about it.
  • Thank a donor! Send a few words of thanks via Twitter at #suthanks. Our donors will love to hear from you!
  • Spread the word! Help other students understand the importance of giving. Tell them to visit to learn all about it.