What to Give

A gift to Syracuse University can be many things.

It can be large or small. Immediate or deferred. As simple as writing a check or part of a long-term strategic giving plan. It can also involve nearly any type of asset, such as…

  • Cash: The simplest way to give, it provides SU with immediately available funds.
  • Appreciated securities: Here, the IRS allows you one of its most significant tax breaks.
  • Real estate: Transfer residential, commercial, or undeveloped real estate and get an income tax deduction for the fair market value, regardless of what you originally paid for it.
  • Business interests: Give SU an interest in a closely held or family business, and pay no capital gains tax on any appreciation in the shares.
  • Partnership interests: Support SU by transferring interest in a real estate or oil-and-gas partnership.
  • Personal property: Donate books, artwork, or equipment, and you can make a significant gift to Syracuse University without adversely affecting your cash flow.
  • Retirement assets: The balance of your retirement plan may be worth more when donated to Syracuse University than to your heirs.

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