A Legacy of Social Entrepreneurship Lives On

SU’s 40-plus learning communities help students develop skills and attitudes that enhance their academic achievement, encourage them to make friends, and provide the tools they need to balance their academic and social lives.

For Kim Glazer Goldberg ’80, a gift to endow SU’s Learning Community for Creativity, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship (CIE) is the perfect way to honor the memory of her parents, who were highly engaged in education, economic development, and social entrepreneurship.

The first of SU’s residential learning communities to be permanently endowed, the CIE—which helps students who live and learn together develop an entrepreneurial approach to living, solving problems, and making a difference in the world—will forever carry the names of Barbara Glazer Weinstein and Jerome S. Glazer.

“The CIE learning community’s ideals are very much in the spirit of how my mother and father lived their lives and my own passion for community engagement,” says Glazer Goldberg. “And it’s housed on the third floor of DellPlain Hall, where I lived my sophomore year!”