‘Money Smart for Small Business’ Program to Be Funded by Pathfinder Bank

May 17, 2013

The WISE Women’s Business Center’s Money Smart for Small Business program series, created by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) in conjunction with the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), will be funded by Oswego County-based Pathfinder Bank, the bank has announced.

WISECheckPresentation3The WISE Women’s Business Center, located in the Tech Garden in downtown Syracuse, was chosen to host and customize the Money Smart for Small Business program to target startups and young ventures.

Money Smart for Small Business is a new, instructor-led training curriculum developed jointly by the FDIC and SBA. The multi-level modules in this curriculum provide introductory training for new and aspiring entrepreneurs on the basics to organizing and managing a business. In addition to grounding participants in the basics, the curriculum serves as a foundation for more advanced training and technical assistance.

Pathfinder has taught Money Smart and Money Smart for Young Adults for years. “It is a natural progression for us to bring this excellent series from the FDIC and the SBA now to small business,” says Pathfinder Bank spokesperson Rebecca Knox.

“Delivering this professional program through the WISE Women’s Business Center is a perfect collaboration. Pathfinder Bank will provide the banking expertise while we will use our resources to fill the classes and assist entrepreneurs as they learn and bring their businesses to the next level,” says Joanne Lenweaver, director of the WISE Women’s Business Center.

The WISE Women’s Business Center, one of more than 100 other women’s business centers nationwide sponsored by the SBA, features year-round training programs targeting women entrepreneurs at various stages of entrepreneurial development. The center, an outreach program of the Whitman School of Management, also provides periodic workshops and special entrepreneurial events that offer important opportunities for learning, networking and mentoring. The center provides information, resources and support for women entrepreneurs, enabling them to successfully advance their businesses to the next stage of profitability and success. The goal of the WISE Women’s Business Center is to create a thriving community of women entrepreneurs in Syracuse and Onondaga County, one venture at a time.