Connective Corridor Launches Façade Improvement Program

February 24, 2011

Connective Corridor Launches Façade Improvement Program

February 18, 2011

The Connective Corridor is launching a Façade Improvement Program (FIP) to provide funding assistance to improve the physical and aesthetic conditions of properties along the Corridor. The reimbursable program will enhance the urban experience of living, working and enjoying the cultural and social opportunities available in the University Hill area and downtown Syracuse.

The FIP also encourages the development of a distinct identity for the Connective Corridor in a way that respects and preserves the unique or historical character of individual properties, while including design elements that mark the route. These design components include the Corridor’s new “USE” identity, developed by highlighting the word “use” in the word Syracuse and used as a playful way to get people to consider what they can use around them, colors that have been selected for the Corridor route and specific typefaces.

With funding provided through the Empire State Development Corp., building owners and tenants, with owners’ permission, may access up to $25,000 for eligible capital improvements. A total of $625,000 in funding is available for the FIP. Grants will be awarded until the funds have been expended.

“We are eager to activate the Corridor and create more vibrant spaces throughout the city,” says Robbi Farschman, director of the Connective Corridor. “Successful plans will improve vacant spaces, increase social activity by creating cafés or outdoor seating areas, and could also include artwork, such as murals.”

Any property located directly on the Corridor (see map), which includes Connector and Civic Strip routes, is eligible for the FIP. Properties located on intersecting cross streets are eligible, provided that at least one façade of the property’s proposed project area is on the Connective Corridor. Residential and commercial properties and for-profit and nonprofit organizations are eligible. Because the FIP is a reimbursement program, applicants must demonstrate that they are able to fully finance the project up front.

In order to receive funding, applicants will be asked to incorporate a selection of design components into their plans for façade improvement. Design criteria can be found in the Connective Corridor Identity Overview. Applications for the FIP are available on the Corridor website, under the “Resources” tab. Those who prefer to receive a hard copy of this information may contact Farschman at (315) 443-4137 or